AGCO Fuse Technologies connects Massey Ferguson into an integrated system

In the future Massey Ferguson’s information and control technology will be able to connect into a single, integrated system, together with precision farming and third party systems, thanks to AGCO Fuse Technologies.

This planned integration will allow Massey Ferguson customers, dealers, staff, agronomists and advisers to create and, with permission, share vast amounts of important information.

“Massey Ferguson has always taken a very ‘open’ approach to data transfer to ensure customers can make the best use of information from whatever source. Fuse Technologies will further extend this connectivity,” explains Bernhard Schmitz, Commercial Manager ATS Products, EAME.

A new Customer Support Service, to provide Massey Ferguson customers with a 21 hours /7 days week dedicated Call Centre is being introduced. Manned by experienced and trained staff, this will handle customer enquiries from simple questions through to providing more high level support and problem solving.

“Massey Ferguson technology systems will continue to be supported by AGCO’s Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) division, which is currently building a Support Group with specialist staff providing back-up to dealers in most countries in the Europe Africa and Middle East region. Highly trained Dealer staff have the knowledge and expertise to support customers at a local level,” adds Mr Schmitz.

As well as increasing compatibility and developing the ability to connect to third party software and systems, Fuse Technologies will further enhance the integration of systems across the Massey Ferguson range. The latest Tech Touch Terminal, for example, is now an integral part of the operating and control system for the MF BETA, MF CENTORA and MF DELTA combines.

This provides various levels of functions, according to model, including automatic settings, machine control, yield monitoring and mapping. With Tech Data Pro, information can also be stored and transferred to farm management software for mapping and management.

Similarly, a wide range of Massey Ferguson equipment is supplied from the factory ready for fitting the Auto-Guide 3000 guidance and automatic steering, which is already standard on the new MF 8600 Series Exclusive specification tractors.

“In this case electronic technology is being integrated into equipment to boost performance,” explains Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Brand Development Manager. “Automatic steering is mature technology proven to increase output, which means it makes sense that is it part of the overall specification – not an optional addition.”

Equally, the AGCOMMAND telemetry system is another relatively low cost, but hugely beneficial system, for which many Massey Ferguson machines are now factory prepared for easy fitting and comes equipped to deliver useful data about fuel consumption in the standard package. AGCOMMAND can also be used on a wide of equipment from other manufacturers, helping to simply and easily create a comprehensive machine management and monitoring system.

Work is already underway to develop a range of new terminals, systems and equipment specifically for exclusive use on Massey Ferguson and other AGCO products. Ultimately, using enhanced integration and compatibility offered by Fuse Technologies, Massey Ferguson will offer seamless transfer of data and information.

This will enable customers in the near future to monitor and control a wide range of machinery and equipment, create work plans on third party software, upload prescription and treatment plans to terminals, apply variable applications, log work, mark points in fields and create maps.

“In this case electronic technology is being integrated into equipment to boost performance”